10 Essential Items for a Motorhome Holiday

8th May 2014
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Summer is on the way, and for many Brits that means it’s time to start planning their annual motorhome holidays. If you’re new to this fantastic way to travel then here’s our advice on some vital equipment to pack besides your surfboards:


Portable Gas Stove – Some motorhomes will have their own mini-kitchen built in, but if yours doesn’t then bringing along your own cooking stuff will save you a lot of money on eating out. Remember – never cook inside, because of the risk of fire.


Heater – The nights can still be quite chilly so we recommend installing a separate heating system that won’t drain your battery. The Eberspacher range is safe, reliable and also very compact.


Awning – A canvas or plastic awning doesn’t take up much space when rolled up, and it’s great for keeping off the sun or rain during mealtimes. Some can also be converted into tents for extra accommodation if needed.


Containers – Plastic sleeves, tupperware or cardboard boxes, whatever you can lay your hands on cheaply, are always useful to keep safe all the little bits and pieces you frequently need but tend to lose over the duration of a holiday.


Breakdown Kit – Things like fluorescent jackets, torches, a jack and jump-leads. You will definitely need one if you’re heading onto the Continent as they’re legally required.


Lighting – It’s nice to relax outside in the evenings but your site may not be bright enough, so bring along a few portable lamps – you can get some nice solar-powered ones now quite inexpensively.


Carrier Bags – You’d be surprised how often they come in handy, for shopping or collecting rubbish, even for makeshift boots/hats if you get caught in bad weather unexpectedly.


Blankets – They’ll keep you warm at night but if you bring along some old ones then you can wrap them round you outside too and it doesn’t matter if they get a bit muddy.


Headtorch – A head-torch and a pair of crocs kept by the door are essential for night-time trips to the loo.


Window Shields – These will give you privacy when parked up, but also provide insulation and keep the sun out during the day.


Happy holidays from us all here at Hall’s Electrical!

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