Apple’s iOS car interface latest sign of surging electronics market

14th March 2014
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It has recently been estimated that the global market for car electronics could reach to $240 billion by 2020, double what it was just four years ago. This huge growth, in part driven by safety and regulatory requirements from manufacturers, is an indication of the value placed on connected vehicles today, with premium-class cars having around 100 million lines of software installed that covers everything from starter motors to temperature control.


One of the latest instances of this growing trend for ultimate in-car technology is the news that soon drivers using Apple devices will be able to install the iOS user interface on their dashboard. That means that they’ll have access to their extensive music libraries, various useful apps including maps, and that Siri will helpfully announce the arrival of new messages and emails, and let the driver dictate a response hands-free.


Car manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz and Volvo are already testing the interface ahead of roll-outs later this year, and they certainly won’t be the only ones. Such is the ubiquitousness of iPhones you can expect to have the option on many brands before too long.


The CarPlay system was unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, and will no doubt prove very popular, especially with younger drivers, as it also supports other 3rd party music apps including Spotify. Hopefully the hands-free response option will also make driving a little more safe as well.


The welcomed figures that demonstrate business is booming for the car electronics market also serve to highlight the demands being place on providers who can service a new breed of hyper-connected vehicles. That means when something goes wrong, and fixes can often be complicated and expensive, it’s always better to use a professional provider than risk having to pay twice if the first job doesn’t turn out well.


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