Case Studies

DH/NARU /HART Radio installations


National Ambulance Resilience Unit
Gerry Byrne


From April 2007 to May 2012 we installed all of the mobile communications in the national Hazardous Area Response team vehicles


The vehicles comprised as follows per set;

One Forward command with 4 systems

One Reconnaissance vehicle

One Heavy Equipment carrier

Two land Rover Discoverys

Two Volvo XC70 RRVs


Produced were 18 sets of vehicles, total vehicles 126 total radio installations 180


Vehicles were procured nationally by the Department of Health and are currently in service across all the Ambulance Service Trusts in England


The first set to be produced were for west midlands ambulance service and working in conjunction with there senior communications engineer and project lead we produced a Preferred vehicle installation document (PVID) which provided the base document for all installations throughout the project build ( document enclosed )


Once the design had been agreed and approved we had to lease with the prime contractor who was building the vehicle to ensure cabling and aerial were installed at the correct time of the build process to ensure compliance and not to delay the build Finalisation of the install was completed at the last two weeks in build to ensure all equipment was installed and tested prior to final coach build QC and end user QC


Standard airwave installation forms were used to confirm testing and compliance to spec ( document enclosed ) Due to secure nature of equipment installed all engineers working on this project are security cleared to a minimum SC level



Great Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust


Great Western Ambulance Service
Dave Holmes


De-installation ,Re-installation, Installation only of mobile communications and telemetry


To include as follows;
TETRA radio systems
Terrafix MDT systems
Mobile phone and hands free kits
Data-point Telemetry
Internal & External CCTV


Tetra Radio systems

Over the last three years we have carried out the de-installation and re-installation of TETRA radio equipment to in excess of 240 vehicles, To carry out this type of installation we are licensed by the cabinet office to store and install Airwave equipment


Before commencement of any installations into new vehicles in a batch of more than five a preferred vehicle installation document must be compiled and authorised by the end user and Airwave

The PVID is produced by ourselves at a pre –install meeting with the senior radio engineer and in agreement with fleet and clinical representatives

Once this is achieved then the deinstallation and re-installation process can begin

For coach built Ambulance vehicles with stretcher capability we ship aerials, data cables and advise on power supply points

Once the vehicle arrives with the client its then shipped to the end user location where the donor vehicle is located thus enabling us to attend on site and turn the vehicle round ready for service in one day

Pre-wiring of the vehicle and on site installations ensures the rollout of replacement fleet vehicle has no adverse effect on operational requirements


Terrafix MDT


The process to remove and re-install the MDT systems follows exactly the same format as the TETRA radio systems in regards to pre-wiring at build and installation at the same point in time as the radio equipment ensure the vehicle is only stripped and refitted once, again speeding up the fleet replacement program whilst giving best value to the client


The amount of vehicles installed is slightly less than the TETRA radio systems as not all vehicles have this requirement but is still in excess of 200 vehicles in the last three years


Mobile telephony


Again the removal and re-installation of mobile telephone is carried out at the same point in time as the Terrafix and TETRA systems and installing a hands free mute kit ensures legality of use under the road traffic act

The process documents enclosed require us to make a record of all equipment removed and installed thus giving the client a full audit and asset trail




Although a new product for this particular client we have now installed 20 systems on RRVs during our own conversion work , 6 retrofits to existing front line vehicles and 21 kits to new frontlines vehicle whilst installing the mobile comms as listed above

The systems is now under full analysis by the fleet department before a decision is made on a full rollout across the whole fleet of vehicles


As you can see from the above there is the potential for four separate companies /engineers to install equipment into one new vehicle before it is put into service Using our fully mobile service and in conjunction with the trusts fleet and make ready department the rollout of 18 vehicles was completed two weeks ahead of the estimated completion date and with savings to the trust as specified


The case study concentrates on one particular client but this service is available nationally across the whole of the UK and mainland Europe using our team of 24 mobile engineers



Avon & Somerset Police


Superintendant Paul Richards
Conversion of standard production vehicles to covert traffic, MCU&CID vehicles ;
2010 9
2011 10 Vehicles
2012 12 Vehicles
2013 Unconfirmed


Conversion of vehicle to fully covert Emergency lighting and sirens Radio installations


A detailed specification was agreed with the client before commencement of work was carried out, detailing equipment required, location and fabrication and installation of storage equipment and mounting brackets require to enable equipment to be installed


Many of these vehicles are converted on the customers premises due to the secure nature of the build and end use


Once the vehicle arrives with us or we attend the customers premises a detailed examination is carried out with any defects listed.


As these vehicles are specialised and individual, tailored to meet the end users exact requirements specifications are dealt with one a vehicle by vehicle build and can change throughout the conversion


Documentation for these particular builds are kept to a minimum at the request of the customer due to the required secure nature of the build and equipment installed


When the first vehicle of a new build is with us or we attend on site and after the booking in process a full evaluation of the vehicle is carried out to ensure compliance in the following areas


Equipment to be installed will not have any detrimental effect on base vehicle design Base vehicle electrical systems are capable of powering any additional equipment free issue equipment is E marked and approved for use before commencement of any work


In this instance additional mobile comms were installed into the vehicle along with the equipment previously mentioned and the overall installation is compliant with the standards set out in FCS1362 .The installations were fully covert to the point of utilising bumper mount and hidden aerials ,radio head microphones and lighting


Staff involved in this particular installation are all SC Cleared and have enhanced police vetting to interrogate and test all installed systems Completed vehicles are transported to the end user and the sign off sheet is completed once the vehicle arrives with the end user


Vehicle are supplied with a five year warranty on workmanship, the equipment was free issued but has a five year warranty also



    • "Hills Waste Solutions has a 10 year working relationship with Halls Electrical and has been fitting Brigade 4 camera MDR system with GPS and a 4 sensor sidescan( including turn left and low speed trigger) to all our new vehicles since 2014.   The fitting of this recordable camera equipment provides essential safety benefits for vulnerable road users particularly when vehicles perform left turns. In addition it has proven to be beneficial when processing insurance claims as it provides a factual record of any alleged incident.   Halls Electrical provide Hills Waste Solutions with an efficient service and a ‘can do’ attitude coupled with reliable workmanship."
      Nathan Carr (Depot Manager)
      Hills Waste Solutions
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      Peter Colbridge MIMI AMIRTE AMSOE (Workshop Operations Manager)
      Mercedes Benz UK Ltd
    • "I manage a department that is responsible for providing emergency responses to elderly and vulnerable people that live within the Swindon Borough Council geographical area.A team of Homeline Response Officers are on call 24/7 and use high livery on their vehicles to let people know that we are there. We are the only community alarms providers in the country to have use of the bus lanes for responding to emergencies; we also carry life saving equipment such as defibrillators, time matters! We asked Halls electrical to provide us with appropriate bar lights and high specification markings. We were absolutely delighted with the quotations given. Great value and exceptional workmanship with fantastic communication throughout the process. Highly recommended."
      Jack Sharpe (Principal Homeline & Telecare Officer)
      Swindon Borough Council
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