Could Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications be the future of motoring?

10th April 2014
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Not long ago we talked on this blog about the importance of reversing sensors, especially for operators of large commercial vehicles. Now while the sophistication of these systems is rapidly growing (just ask any of our engineers who install Brigade technology) the BBC recently reported on growing interest among car manufacturers in vehicle-to-vehicle, or V2V, communications. Which is to say, cars talking to each other.


Sounds a little bit like a Hollywood movie but it could soon become a reality – and it all stems from the increasing availability of in-vehicle Wifi.


At present, car motion sensors are restricted to what’s in their “eyeline”, so no matter how sensitive they are, they can’t predict if someone’s about to unexpectedly drive out from around a tight corner. But if cars can send and receive data directly to and from each other then they could alert drivers to hazards well in advance.


So picture this scenario: your car breaks down late at night on an unlit country road. Any drivers within a 100m radius can be automatically informed that you are there and experiencing difficulties. Perhaps their car will intuitively slow down in response. It’s technology with unparalleled life-saving potential, as it can also inform vehicles about crashes or traffic jams ahead on motorways, or cars that are swerving unpredictably.


There are other interesting directions that this tech could do down – for instance, insurance firms will no doubt be interested in monitoring driver behaviour or wear-and-tear on cars through certain areas or situations (leading no doubt to some serious privacy battles); and emergency service providers will be better able to dispatch ambulances and fire engines, or help police recover stolen vehicles known to be in their vicinity but out of eyeshot.


The technology could be built-in to the car or brought in with a smart device, but one thing is for sure and that’s that our cars may soon be just as connected, if not more, as we are ourselves!

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