Floods – Homeowners warned to beware “rogue traders”

27th February 2014
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Thankfully the worst of the bad weather in Britain now seems to have passed. Many flood warnings remain in place of course, and some parts of the country will still be underwater for months to come. Many homeowners are now beginning to count the cost of the damage, and insurers are no doubt preparing their chequebooks – claims so far have totalled £426 million, and that figure could soar further – the flooding in 2007 cost insurers over £3 billion.


From 1st April, a government initiative will provide homeowners and businesses up to £5000 each to help install new resilience measures that will protect against flood damage in the future. These could include waterproofing external walls and raising electrics above flood levels. Many will also hopefully be using insurance payouts to do the same thing. In the long-run this will hopefully mean fewer businesses disrupted, and fewer people forced out of their homes should this kind of weather strike again, which it almost certainly will. It could also mean already high insurance premiums can be lowered slightly.


But Trust Mark, which is the government appointed mark of quality for tradespeople, is warning that when making necessary home improvements, too many people are being encouraged by insurance companies to find their own tradespeople. And since funds are often tight, it can be tempting to go for the lowest quote on offer, which can mean a poor return on the investment. There are a great many rogue traders out there who will take advantage where they can, particularly of the vulnerable.


Anyone who needs to make adjustments to their home, especially when it concerns electrics or plumbing, is strongly advised to check the credentials of the company they employ to ensure that all workers are qualified to do the job and have insurance.


The same also applies to cars of course – there are numerous cases of engines being flooded or electrics sparking out when driven through deep bodies of water. It’s vital to ensure anyone working on your vehicle knows what they’re doing rather than just offering the get it done cheaply.


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