Is it time for your car to get a diagnostics test?

3rd April 2014
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Experts recommend that most vehicles should have a diagnostics check once a year. If you’re not familiar with diagnostics testing or how it works, it’s like this: The mechanic uses a special diagnostics tool plugged into your car’s computer to check the reporting system. This is where the vehicle’s computer logs any issues, such as with the transmission, the exhaust system or the petrol tank.


The main benefit of giving your car a regular diagnostics check is that it enables the mechanic to identify problems fast, and carry out the repairs before things get any worse. It should end up saving you money in the long-run. In modern cars where you have technology controlling everything from the windows to the seat-warmers, the car’s monitoring system has a wide range of fault codes so mechanics don’t need to spend hours tinkering away trying to find a fault, it can usually be identified immediately. Diagnostic tests can also advise on areas such as how your fuel injector is performing, and whether your coolant system is operating efficiently.


Halls Electrical have invested in the very latest diagnostics equipment at our branches in Swindon and Bristol so that we can cope with even the most sophisticated technology now appearing in modern vehicles.


If you’re experiencing issues with your ABS, your SRS system or just have an annoying light that keeps blinking on your dashboard and you can’t figure out what it wants, then our highly-trained staff can deal with it for you. Diagnostic tests are very reasonably priced at only £35+VAT, and don’t forget that long-term they are almost guaranteed to save you money, as we can help prevent problems before they start.


Modern technology is so fast-paced that unfortunately problems spring up in cars all the time. This can be very frustrating for drivers especially when it takes the car off the road for a while. Limit your exposure to this kind of problem by booking a diagnostics check today!

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