Air Conditioning

Hall’s Electrical are the vehicle Air Conditioning expert, installers and adviser’s based in Swindon and Bristol.

We specialise in vehicle air conditioning servicing and maintenance for any car, van or truck. We have garage sites where you can bring your vehicle into us for repairs and servicing.

Both sites have a comfortable waiting area with free Wi-Fi, various entertainments and on site refreshments. All of our Air Conditioning Technicians are fully F-Gas certificated to comply with the latest EU legislation.


FREE Air Con Check

All vehicle air conditioning systems lose on average 10% of the total refrigerant per year. This is due to natural evaporation. From a FREE!! Gauge check we can estimate if your vehicle is low on gas and if the system is empty due to a possible leak. We will also test the temperature output from the vents, visually check pipes and connections.

Even in new air con systems there can be a 10% refrigerant loss each year which may damage the compressor. This leads to a reduction of cooling capacity. The filter drier removes humidity and dirt from the refrigerating agent. The oil in the refrigerant lubricates the system compressor. A lack of refrigerant always means a HIGH RISK of insufficient lubrication, which may result in a total failure of the compressor, leaving you with potential repair costs of up to £1000. Additionally an insufficient quantity of refrigerant agent means additional petrol consumption.




Air conditioning systems should be disinfected at least every 6 months or 6000 miles. This is due to build up of bacteria and micro organisms on the evaporator, which can cause an allergic reaction in some people.
Every air con system has an evaporator on which water condenses on its grill. Over a period of time, bacteria, fungi and micro organisms settle on this grill. Therefore, the evaporator needs to be disinfected at regular intervals. We can disinfect your air conditioning system while you wait in only 15 minutes!!


Pollen Filter


In every vehicle there is a filter in passenger compartment which filters dust, pollen and dirt particles out of the air. This is before the clean and cool air flows into the passenger compartment. The amount a filter can absorb and clean is limited. As such it recommended that this filter be checked regularly and replacement on a service if needed.




To maintain the efficiency of an air conditioning system and to prolong the life of the components like the compressor, it is recommended to have a full service carried out at least every 2 years.
At Hall’s we can offer a complete comprehensive service to your air conditioning system. The service comprising of:
· Removal of old refrigerant gas and oil
· Fitting of a new filter drier
· Visual inspection of the system Lubrication of the O-rings
· Pressure Test (if needed)
· Recharge of refrigerant gas and oil
· Disinfect System

We will carry out a full visual examination and clean of all the fittings including the condenser and pipes.

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    • "Hills Waste Solutions has a 10 year working relationship with Halls Electrical and has been fitting Brigade 4 camera MDR system with GPS and a 4 sensor sidescan( including turn left and low speed trigger) to all our new vehicles since 2014.   The fitting of this recordable camera equipment provides essential safety benefits for vulnerable road users particularly when vehicles perform left turns. In addition it has proven to be beneficial when processing insurance claims as it provides a factual record of any alleged incident.   Halls Electrical provide Hills Waste Solutions with an efficient service and a ‘can do’ attitude coupled with reliable workmanship."
      Nathan Carr (Depot Manager)
      Hills Waste Solutions
    • "Mercedes Benz UK Limited, have used the services of Halls Electrical Ltd for the last 5 years or so. During this time we have found there service to be extremely professional to our standard of work, reliable, and efficient in the way they have conducted their business.   Our core business is the preparation of used commercial vehicles for resale, and approximately 1000 new commercials.   We have upwards of 5000 vehicles per annum through our workshops, with occasional demand for Subcontractors.   Halls Electrical Ltd has worked with us very closely with the preparation of our new commercial business to the point that they are registered on our COP with the VCA.   When carrying out work on our premises, the employees of Halls Electrical Ltd adhere to all the correct H&S procedures relevant to there works and our environmental policy.   The invoicing is always on time, and correct first time.   I have no hesitation at all, in recommending Halls Electrical Ltd, to carry out work for any company.  "
      Peter Colbridge MIMI AMIRTE AMSOE (Workshop Operations Manager)
      Mercedes Benz UK Ltd
    • "I manage a department that is responsible for providing emergency responses to elderly and vulnerable people that live within the Swindon Borough Council geographical area.A team of Homeline Response Officers are on call 24/7 and use high livery on their vehicles to let people know that we are there. We are the only community alarms providers in the country to have use of the bus lanes for responding to emergencies; we also carry life saving equipment such as defibrillators, time matters! We asked Halls electrical to provide us with appropriate bar lights and high specification markings. We were absolutely delighted with the quotations given. Great value and exceptional workmanship with fantastic communication throughout the process. Highly recommended."
      Jack Sharpe (Principal Homeline & Telecare Officer)
      Swindon Borough Council
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