Fuel Systems

Diesel Injectors and Injection Systems


Our specialist test equipment enables us to thoroughly test common rail diesel injectors and systems, including low pressure and high pressure fuel pumps.


Common Rail Systems


Over the past decade we have seen a large increase in the amount of diesel powered vehicles on our roads. However, the diagnosis and repair methods have also become more sophisticated as a result of the new high pressure diesel systems. Because of this, the repair of modern diesel systems requires a higher quality of test equipment, high precision parts, and the expertise of diesel specialists. Hall’s Auto Electrical Ltd posses both trained technicians and the latest test equipment to carry out repairs to these technically challenging problems.


Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps


We are able to carry out repairs to all diesel injection pumps, including rotary, inline, electronic and common rail.

Repairs will be carried out at our state of the art fuel shop where they will be repaired, bench tested, and calibrated to O.E specification.


Common Rail Fuel Pumps


We are specialists in the test and repair of all common rail fuel pumps.


Injector Repair/Overhauls


With our high pressure test equipment we are able to offer tests, repairs and overhauls to all injectors both petrol and diesel. All parts and labour will be backed up with a 12 month warranty.


Common Rail Injectors


Again with the latest test equipment available to us we are able to offer O.E standard tests, calibration and repairs to all common rail injectors including car, commercial and agricultural.



Mechanical Diesel Injectors


Mechanical diesel injectors can also be examined on our test rig, for leaks, opening pressures and spray patterns.


Programming & Calibrating


On most rail diesel systems, many components need to be correctly programmed to the vehicle and at Halls we are able to adjust all calibration settings to their correct settings.


If your diesel vehicle suffers from any of the following contact us and rest assured we will pinpoint the fault correctly and fix or replace the necessary part at the most cost effective rate;


  • Starting problems when cold
  • Starting problems when hot
  • Rough running
  • Lack of power
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Constant stalling


Petrol Injector Testing & Cleaning


Electronically-controlled fuel injectors are durable and precise metering systems capable of pulsing for millions of cycles.


The most common problem with injectors is that they accumulate a build up of wax, tar, and olefins inside the injector and on the pintle/seat area. These types of debris will restrict the flow of fuel through the injector. Injectors are made to such close tolerances that a 5-micron build up (a human hair measures 40 to 90 microns) will reduce the flow by up to 25 per cent.


The only method recognised to clean these precise devices without damaging components is Ultrasonic cleaning. The Ultrasonic waves break up the contaminates while the injector pulses. The debris is then carried out of the injector by a biodegradable chemical


Properly cleaned and maintained fuel injectors offer:


  • Savings to the motorist with improved fuel consumption
  • Prolonged oxygen sensors
  • Prolonged life of the Exhaust System
  • Reduced CO pollution


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    • "Hills Waste Solutions has a 10 year working relationship with Halls Electrical and has been fitting Brigade 4 camera MDR system with GPS and a 4 sensor sidescan( including turn left and low speed trigger) to all our new vehicles since 2014.   The fitting of this recordable camera equipment provides essential safety benefits for vulnerable road users particularly when vehicles perform left turns. In addition it has proven to be beneficial when processing insurance claims as it provides a factual record of any alleged incident.   Halls Electrical provide Hills Waste Solutions with an efficient service and a ‘can do’ attitude coupled with reliable workmanship."
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      Peter Colbridge MIMI AMIRTE AMSOE (Workshop Operations Manager)
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      Jack Sharpe (Principal Homeline & Telecare Officer)
      Swindon Borough Council
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