Reversal of fortune

28th March 2014
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Hall’s Electrical stock a comprehensive range of reversing technology from industry-leader Brigade Electronics. When this kind of kit is becoming so inexpensive to buy and fit, no large-vehicle driver should be without it.


Reversing monitors and alarms save lives, and massively reduce the costs of accidental collisions. They can also cut insurance costs, and save drivers a huge amount of time and stress when looking to park in urban areas.


Councils can’t be blamed for seeking extra sources of revenue, but some of their ideas do cause a lot of hassle for businesses and individuals. One of the most irritating aspects of driving for many motorists is the ever-decreasing size of parking spaces, as councils seek to cram more and more in. This inevitably leads to higher levels of congestion as people struggle to get their angles right, and more scuffs and scratches on paintwork due to unfortunate misjudgements.


Parking can be even risker in places such as supermarket car-parks, especially when they’re inside, which can sometimes be badly-lit – besides the problems of colliding with other vehicles or concrete pillars there is the danger of young children running around too.


That’s why fitting reversing sensors to company vehicles makes such good sense. Ultrasonic devices can detect objects in the way even when the vehicle is stationary, and needn’t look obtrusive. They’re very cost-efficient – businesses should see a rapid fall in repair costs, and drivers should instantly report that parking has become a great deal easier.


We also stock Brigade camera and monitor systems, allowing for even greater precision when manoeuvring large vehicles into tight space. Perfect for HGVs, emergency vehicles and SUVs. Naturally our technicians are skilled at fitting this technology too, so if you want to investigate how you can make your company’s vehicles more efficient and safe, why not get in touch to discuss what we can do for you?

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