Summer is coming – is your air con ready?

15th May 2014
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Summer is just around the corner, and here’s hoping for a good one. Given that a lot of people are looking to arrange their UK holidays around now, we thought we’d highlight the importance of getting your car air-conditioning checked before departing on any long, hot journeys.


The last thing you want is to have your air-con system pack up when you’re stuck in a traffic jam, or with a backseat full of kids who are uncomfortable in the heat. So why not bring your vehicle down to one of our garage sites in either Bristol or Swindon, where our fully-certified and experienced technicians can check everything over for you and make sure it’s in tip-top condition.


Here’s a few examples of how we can help you:


Pollen Filters


If anyone in your family suffers from hay fever, then a blocked pollen filter can mean a very unpleasant journey. We check, clean and disinfect them as necessary.




Over time the evaporators can suffer from a build-up of microorganisms such as bacteria, which can cause allergic reactions in some people.




Our disinfection service of both filters and evaporators is comprehensive and efficient. We can get everything working perfectly, and best of all the entire process normally takes only 15 minutes or so. That means while we’re getting your vehicle ready for summer, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the Wifi-equipped waiting-room.




We’ll also take a look at the level of your refrigerant gas – you can expect to lose around 10% every year due to natural evaporation processes, so by measurement we can establish whether you have a leak, and get it fixed. A leak can damage or wreck your compressor, causing your cooling capacity to be reduced, and your petrol consumption to rise, as well as giving the potential for expensive repairs. So we either refill the gas, or correct problems as needs be.


Just give us a call on 01793 870877 to book an appointment or click here for more information.

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