UK’s most stolen cars, and how to protect yours

5th June 2014
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Insurance provider Swiftcover has provided a list of the 10 most often stolen cars in the UK, with a few surprising results. It seems that luxury German cars tend to be the favourite target for organised thieves, presumably as they can then be either stripped for parts or shipped abroad for a good profit.


The Land Rover Defender is the most commonly stolen car, perhaps because it’s rugged build means it’s often used in rural communities where street lighting and police patrols are rarer. The rest of the top 10 is largely made up of BMWs, Audis and Mercedes, with the Renault Laguna coming 10th. London and Bradford are the areas which see the most car crime based on offences per 1000 residents.


This research shows that even the most expensive and high-tech vehicles can be taken despite the security measures that manufacturers equip them with. And although car crime in general is falling, in large part due to increased technology making it more difficult for opportunistic thieves, many motorists and companies prefer not to take any risks. Here’s some of the basics on how you can protect your car:


  • Try and avoid parking in badly-lit or unsafe areas. Park off-road wherever possible.
  • Never leave any valuables on show, such as GPS monitors or phones, that could tempt an opportunistic passer-by.
  • Install an electronic tracking system so if your vehicle is taken it stands a far better chance of recovery.
  • Commercial drivers making repeated deliveries often have slam locks fitted so the door locks as soon as it’s closed.
  • If your car is alarmed, put a sticker on the window so thieves know it.
  • Attach an immobilizer to your steering-wheel that will slow them up.
  • Protect your keys – don’t leave them near open windows or the front door at home.

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